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Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) is a development environment used by control system developers to efficiently design,
develop, and validate control algorithms in a short period of time

The LW-RCP01 is designed using Simulink controller, simulated and tested, and if the results are satisfactory, the controller can be configured in a short time.
In addition, specific parameters can be monitored and tuned in real time.
With LW-RCP01, manual coding of the control system developer is unnecessary, so you can concentrate on the original purpose of algorithm development.
In particular, many engineering universities have adopted the accreditation curriculum of engineering education in order to enhance the quality of engineering education. One of the characteristics of the curriculum is that it has a great importance in experiment and design classes. This product, which has the structure as shown in the figure, makes it easy to use the RCP system when designing and testing the control system

The execution method controlled by the RCP system

  • LW-RCP01 which is used as a DAQ device transfers sensor data required for control to a PC via USB communication
  • Simulink running on PC performs control operation based on sensor data transmitted from DAQ device (LW-RCP01)
  • The PC transmits the calculated control calculation result to the DAQ device (LW-RCP01)
  • The DAQ device (LW-RCP01) outputs the received control data to output device (DAC, PWM, etc)


  • Electric circuit
  • Motor control
  • Automatic control experiment training
  • Control prototype

Product/ Major features


High Speed USB interface


Maximum Sampling time : 2 KHz


Interaction with MATLAB/Simulink program


Real-time data monitoring

Product Specification

Electrical specification

Contents Specification
Processor AT91SAM3X8E
Operating input voltage range 7-50 V
Maximum input voltage 7-60
Digital I/O pins 54(12 pin provide PWM output)
Analog input pins 12
Analog output pins 2(DAC)
Total DC output current on all I/O lines 130 mA
DC 3.3V output current 800 mA
DC 5V output current 800 mA
SRAM 96KB(64+32KB)
Clock Speed 84MHz
Maximum sample rate 2KHz

Mechanical specification

Contents Specification
Dimension 162.9 x 97.8 x 60 mm
Weight 400 gram
Material EGI 0.7T

Supported I/O blocks of LW-RCP01

Block name Specification
Input blocks Encoder counter 2 channels, 32-bit
ADC 8 channels, 12-bit
Digital input 8-bit
Period and duty 3 channels
Time/Time difference resolution : micro second
Output blocks PWM 6 channels
PWM/Direction interface or Unipolar complementary PWM
DAC 2 channels, 12-bit
Digital output 8-bit
Frequency 2 channels, up to 40,000Hz
BLDC PWM 2 channels

Supported I/O block of MATLAB/Simulink



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