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Surge Protector for Power(Power SPD)

In areas where the risk of lightning is high, the surge protector of the power system should be divided
into main power, panel, and equipment, and protection cooperation should be done step by step.
The capacity of the surge protector should be determined so as not to be too small considering the geographical conditions, load current, etc.

Product Introduction

Metal type

Plastic Type



  • Conducting series connection and parallel connection

  • Operating voltage

    AC220V/380V, DC12V~60V

  • Various Capacities

    ClassⅠ : limp 12.5KA, 25kA, 50kA
    ClassⅡ : In 10kA/Mode ~
    ClassⅢ : In 10kA/Mode

  • Low Residual voltage

  • Status indicator LED

  • Transient Source

    Lightning, Surge, Impulse, Oscillatory, Ring wave

  • Protecting Circuit

    Built into the protection circuit for overheating and overcurrent
    (Applied Patent Technology)

  • Installation Type

    DIN Rail Type, Screw mounting Type

  • Case Material

    Flame retardant PLASTIC, ALUMINUM

  • Operating Condition

    -40 ~ 85℃ / 95% RH or less

  • Meets KS C IEC 61643-11

  • International Protection Rating


  • KS, CB Certification

  • Surge Counter(Option)

  • Application of Segregating Unit (Mandatory)


  • Protect Equipment of Military Airport , Harbor Facilities , Base Station Rader, Missile Control Field Communications
    Industrial Cabinet Panel and Switchboard, Industrial Automation Equipment, Cellular Network Radio Base Stations
    Large Facility UPS, AVR, Railroad Subway Facility, Filtration Plants, Dam Precision Machinery Factory, Electric Power Plant, Fire Alarm, Streetlight
    Protect Equipment of Computer and Peripheral, Modem CCTV, OA Tools Science Measuring Instrument, SCADA System, Home Appliance


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