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By pursuing continuous enhancement in corporate competitiveness and management innovation,
we are growing into a global defense powerhouse with the highest level of expertise.

Challenge yourself to new heights!

We standardized the development of the surge protector for the defense field system and developed the control stick
for the first Korea Utility Helicopter (Surion) and truly holds the latest technology in Bluetooth wireless communication field.



CEO Lee KyeaKwang

Sungjin Techwin is a switch and sensor company has specializes in developing and mass-producing Korea's first Korea Utility Helicopter (KUH), and has secured its position as the sole supplier of pilot parts (switch) for the next U.S. fighter F-35, which will be produced in 2010. We secured our position as the only specialist parts development company in Korea. In addition, we have been selected as a control stick and panel developer for Light Armed Helicopter (LAH), Light Civil Helicopter (LCH) and the Korean Type Fighter (KFX) We have internally developed the control devices that are applied to anti-armored vehicles and amphibious armored vehicles (KAAV), and have been acknowledged for their technological superiority by supplying them to the army, navy and air force.

In addition, we are notable in the wireless telecommunications field by supplying Bluetooth modules that are built into overseas vehicles including Hyundai, Kia and Toyota through Hyundai Mobis. We developed and standardized the first Korean defense (KM-SAM) by developing high-performance surge protector for both civil and military sectors, and are trying to expand our exporting markets after applying to various public institutions.

All of our employees will not stay satisfied with the current status and will always try our best to be recognized for superb quality. In the 21st century, since only technology can guarantee better future, we promise to strive in achieving customer satisfaction with latest technology based on challenging mindset and creative thinking.

CEOLee KyeaKwang


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