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We will grow as a business with the defense industry and civilian technical and price points
competitive with balanced growth of the business as a leading domestic component parts specialist company.


Recognized for its technological prowess in the defense, surge protectors, and wireless communications business,
Sungjin Techwin is making steady efforts for customer satisfaction.

Defense Business   We are developing and mass-producing localized control devices, switches, and sensors to enable smooth logistical support for air and ground / marine weapons systems. We have the ability to provide ONE-STOP SERVICE from development to logistics support for various needs of the aviation and military market through development and manufacturing technology and quality management technology that we have accumulated through various development projects. We will grow as a specialized logistics component company with technical and price competitiveness comparable to those of world-class companies.


Surge protection Business We developed a surge protector product based on the standardized surge wave of IEEE C62.41 international standards and it has a modular UNIT form considering the operational and maintenance appropriate to the operating environment of the equipment. In addition, for the first time in Korea, a surge protector has been developed which is applied to the "Chun-goong" project along with the Agency for Defense Development and has been successfully standardized by demonstrating the environmental quality performance of temperature, vibration and shock required by the military. We will do our best to win the recognition of "it is safe if created by Sungjin."


Wireless device Business The Bluetooth business is the core of the wireless device business. Based on Bluetooth technology, which was established as an international standard since 1998 and has evolved for more than 10 years, we are providing best solution in a variety of businesses. In particular, Sungjin Techwin's Bluetooth modules are used by numerous companies and exported to domestic and global markets, proving their excellence. We also provide all of the needed solutions, such as Bluetooth antennas.



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